Our Land


Bolgheri is very unique and distinct with hills that overlook the Tuscan coast, making it a real jewel in this territory.In fact, these hills are the only connection between the composition of a rich, fertile soil and Mediterranean climate.

The region’s extraordinary microclimate provides soils that are strong but unique, thanks to the heat, the sunlight and the reflection of the sea. Bolgheri’s world-famous wines are an expression of this territory. The Mediterranean maquis, combined with the forest cover and protect the vineyards with most sunlight coming directly from the reflection from the Mediterranean Sea.


A rural and uncontaminated terrain with alluring hills facing toward the sea.

Warm, breezy summers and mild winters make it the ideal microclimate for vineyards that produce high quality wines.

Positioned in front of Argentario Island, which is known for sustaining the atmosphere and componets as when it once was a dettached island, constitutes our vineyards to receive the best exposure by the sun’s rays.

The natural essence of the land and indomitable yet elegant characteristics of the people are all aspects that can be found in the wines we produce here as well.