What do I look for in an inexpensive summer white?

That’s pretty easy – it should taste of summer fruit.

I’m not looking for depth – the complexities of a great German Riesling tend to rather escape me on the beach.

But I am looking for a wine brimming with the ripe fruit flavors of peaches, melons and raspberries, the flavors that make a good summer white an easy drinking pleasure. But it  should also posses enough acidity to keep it fresh. Not the tongue-curling dryness of cheap, lemon-water Italian Pinot Grigio or New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc, but enough  to balance all that lush fruit.

Yes, balance is the key here, and my twenty top pick below all have that , in different proportions, true, but that’s what makes one ideal for oysters, the next for lobster.

Vermentino, Aia Vecchia 2014

Tuscany, $12


The price is quite delectable, and the wine pretty good too. Bright and zinging with Vermentino fruit even if there’s not a whole lot of substance. But what do you want for 12 bucks? A beach wine with an edge of sophistication.

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