Fred Tasker, wine writer for Miami Herald and several other newspapers throughout the country, recommended the 2013 Vermentino

10 good wines under $20

Anybody can buy a good $50 wine. Buying a good wine under $20 takes some moxie.
So call this column “10 Good Wines Under $20.”
We live in the 21st Century. Scientists at the famous wine schools at University of California’s Davis Campus and the University of Bordeaux have isolated the methods for making clean, standard wine — if not yet the ethereal stuff that also requires artistry.
I know it takes away some of the romance and mystery, but it’s better than drinking stinky wine. I’ve said it before: I think it’s possible today for anybody with $50 million to buy the expertise, land, vines, fermenting equipment to make wine that’s at least OK.
Whether you like a particular wine is, on the other hand, one of the most subjective judgments you can make. Here are 10 moderately priced wines I like:

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