Dennis Sodomka, wine columnist for Augusta Chronicle, recommended the Vermentino in his column about wines for tax season

By Dennis SodomkaMost people fall into two categories this time of year. Either you are getting a big refund on your income taxes or you took a hit and are feeling pretty broke. Both types of people need a special wine to help them deal with the IRS.


I have some recommendations to help as you approach the April 15 deadline. And, no, you cannot deduct the cost of your wine on your taxes, even if you drink while filling out the forms. (I recommend saving the wine until after you have filled out the forms.)
Let’s start with the inexpensive wines because people who had to write a check to Uncle Sam really need something to pick up their spirits. All of these except Troublemaker are $15 or less.


Aia Vecchia Vermentino Maremma Toscana is a refreshing white from Tuscany that costs only $12. The Vermentino grape is the backbone of the wine, offering aromas of grapefruit and grass followed by tropical flavors of mango and guava.
This medium-bodied wine is aged in steel for four months, giving it a crisp freshness. This will be great for sipping in spring and summer, long after you have forgotten your tax battles.

Even at this price the Pellegrini family produces high-quality wine from hillside vineyards. It will be fine as an aperitif or with salads or seafood.


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