21 Wines for Midsummer Drinking

Roger Morris, wine columnist for The Daily Meal, recommended 2011 Sor Ugo in a recent article highlighting some of his favorite bottlings he’s tasted recently.

A diversity of style and sources, from Moldova to Uruguay and both coasts of the United States

July 24, 2015 By Roger Morris, Special Contributor


We’re sure you will enjoy sipping these summery picks.

One question I am frequently asked as a wine critic is “What are your favorite wines?” It’s more difficult to answer than it might seem. While I do have go-to favorites for certain occasions, the delightful thing about reviewing wines is their diversity of origins and styles.

Often I will do a complete review on a grape variety, a region, even a single producer. However, as in this column, it’s much more fun to simply go through wines recently tasted with no theme in mind at all. Here are 21 such wines from my tasting notes that encompass an outstanding range. Ramble through them and see what attracts your attention and budget.


Aia Vecchia “Sor Ugo” Bolgheri Superior 2011 ($34). Nice, moderate cherry fruitiness with typical sangiovese raspiness in the finish — solid if not spectacular.

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2015, Rassegna Stampa

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